Economic data
CPI rose 4.5% in December 2019 and rose 2.9% for the whole year.
The 2019 CPI will announce on the 9th that the expected increase is about 3% ...
Many agencies predict that the CPI increase in December 2019 may be 4.5% to 4.
Ministry of Finance: The average issuance of local debt issuance in 2019 is 432.4 billion ...
The official manufacturing PMI data released in December was 50.2% ..
Statistics Bureau: In November, large-scale industrial enterprises realized a 5.4% increase in profits ..
The year will exceed 2 trillion yuan! State Council report details tax cuts ...
This person lied to 500 billion: Chinese
Zhongcai News: The original title deceived 500 billion people, and it was nothing special for the Chinese ... (! 20200110000134) 01 In the past two days, Quan Jian's boss Shu Yuhui was sentenced! 9 years in prison, 500 ... 08:44 [Read more]
Ye Tan's exclusive response to violent layoffs: false articles have been reported to believe the law ...
Wuhan Yangtze River New City cancels the second-hand housing sales restriction policy
· US experts predict: China will have several major changes in 2020
· 20-year wage increase has been unveiled: who is "holding back" again?
· The second-generation personal credit information system will be online for "fake divorce to buy a house", etc.
· What interest rate will be implemented on housing loans in 2020?
· 4,600 yuan? Xiaomi 10 specifications exposed: expected to be released in February
· In 2020, the property market will now have a "Japanese CD".
· Another 10 billion market! Pay back in 18 months? Also spawned a new batch of ...
· The hostel who has just been listed for 2 months will force the landlord to lower the rent.
· What is the impact of the central bank ’s overall RRR cut?
Has the United States deterred Iran?
Trump approves additional Iraqi sanctions on Iran: against US ...
The United States puts final pressure on Huawei against Britain, sources:
Foreign youth bluntly came to China: I do n’t want to go to China ..
Shake it again? US media claimed that "Chinese people eat a piece of meat, ya ...
Ghosn escaped from Japan hidden in a music box? My response: Media ...
The United States has informed the United Nations: It is prepared to proceed with Iran without preconditions.
Ukraine: The main cause of the Ukrainian aviation accident was a missile attack, a terrorist attack ..
Economic review
Xinhua Micro Comment: Why Tesla ran out of "Shanghai Speed"
Decrypting the State Council Executive Meeting 2019: Why the word was mentioned 24 ..
US, Iraq and China battle for 20 years? Hu Xijin: The idea is too simple
Guo Shiliang: How far is the A-share from the American Long Cow under the registration system?
Gui Haoming: The risk of asset impairment may gradually weaken
Wenxing: The New Normal of the Stock Market in 2020: Watching the Air Rise
He Wannan: The most important premise for walking cattle Liu Ke: Maotai "throw the cup" and apple ..
Ye Tan's exclusive response to violent layoffs: false article has been reported to believe the law ..
Tesla concept goes out collectively? Tesla's stock price has plummeted, multiple listings ..
Science and technology board is working hard! The first listed companies quietly attacked this chip stock ..
After 24 hours without sleep in Washington, Pelosi announced the 9th vote to restrict the president.
Not afraid of bearishness, the stock price doubled in 8 trading days, who is hyping this ...
These stocks have a small market value with high growth and severe stagnation, and the net profit growth of 4 stocks exceeded 5.
What interest rate will be implemented on housing loans in 2020?
Central Bank: Basically complete the top-level design and standardization of legal digital currency ..
250 monthly salary? The broker made the high price end of the year award? Last year ..
AMC Executive Rotation: Vice President of Huarong, Dongfang, Cinda Intermodulation ..
Nine provinces issued documents to ban P2P online loan business
The latest tune of the Finance Committee 2020! Focus on SME financing ..
State Council Finance Committee: Prompt introduction to further ease financing difficulties as soon as possible.
Wuhan Yangtze River New City cancels second-hand housing sales restriction policy
The second-generation personal credit information system will go online for "fake divorce to buy a house" and so on.
Is there a "Japanese CD" in the property market in 2020?
What is the impact of the central bank ’s overall RRR cut?
Be wary of fussy property sales: charging undisclosed prices is a disguised price increase
Post-90s female north drifting to buy a house: exhausted savings rely on the "rent gap" to raise a house
Loose property market around Beijing? Hebei Gu'an relaxes after settling down
The oil and gas exploration and production market is fully open. Three barrels of oil have invested or exceeded this year.
Energy Reform: Full "Energy" for Green Development
The last adjustment of domestic refined oil prices in 2019: top up a tank of oil ..
Stealing oil benefits 200 million yuan a month, and the country scolds Trump for being small ..
Petrochemical: Oil prices should not be pessimistic, natural gas will change
Trump tweets "abrupt change in style" full of negative energy
US-Sanctions on Russia-Europe Cooperation "North Stream-2" Project Followed by:
Kuwait: OPEC + 's extension of production cuts will depend on oil prices and ..
Zhonghuan leads the global photovoltaic wafer market
Raw materials
Cement is in short supply! Some wait in line at the factory entrance for 8 hours.
Iron ore is easy to rise and fall
Overcome the problem of efficient use of world-class iron ore
Limited upward space for iron ore
Next year, the first batch of waste paper import licenses will be halved, and the price of base paper will rise?
Iron ore is overly dependent on foreign imports, not for the development of China's steel industry ..
Spot iron ore prices stabilize and rebound in city shocks
Steel production growth in the first 11 months before and after high steel prices fluctuated downward
Copper price hits 7-month high, hidden new changes in global economy
Investment in China is still booming: British chemical giants are exposed to $ 800 million ..
Alleged Iran shot down passenger plane CNN, sent a video
Iranian Civil Aviation Authority: Rejects U.S. participation in Ukraine Airlines crash ..
Divine medicine or inferior product? Three mysteries about Quan Jian ..
China Southern cancels Urumqi to Iran flight today
The U.S.A.A. has ordered a ban on U.S. civilian aircraft from entering Persia.
Tesla announces Model Y production in Shanghai Super Factory ...
550 kilometers high-speed toll 3870 yuan? Toll collector: somehow ..
The video is my own, the transfer has screenshots, how can I still be cheated? This..
I have never spent so much money! Alipay responds to annual bill dispute ..
Withdrawal is useless! Wechat chat recorded as evidence, insider ..
The 5G "fatal injury" of the United States was punctured by its own people ... It turned out to be ..
If you don't install the APP, you can't issue invoices.
China UCAR responded to the "Announcement of Dismissal of Employees": Gonggou ..
New Oxygen APP “Beauty Diary” is still operating on behalf of ...
Shenzhou UCAR HR announced the layoffs directly at the work station: disapprove ..
Gradually replacing some Huawei equipment Aoda Vodafone signed with Nokia ...
Industry Focus
Tesla concept goes out collectively? Tesla's stock price has plummeted, multiple listings ..
South Korea's production capacity exits LCD supply and demand improvement, institutions focus on a few stocks
Ren Zhengfei said that this is a very critical technology for the 5G industry in general. concept..
Pork stocks boost Ministry of Agriculture: pork prices rise 3.4% in first week of 2020
This year's new energy vehicle = 19 years of pig? Institution thousand people will: copy Apple Hui ...
Apple returns to this grand event after 27 years! Huawei, Xiaomi and many more ..
The two local congresses held the most intensive these topics this week (list)
"I'm not, I don't have it."
How hot is the New Year's Eve at station B? Bilibili's market value surged by 5 billion yuan. New ..
List of listed companies' industry prosperity

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